How we operate



The ultimate authority in a Unitarian Universalist church is vested in the congregation itself.  It is our members who call our minister, elect our officers, and have the final say in all of our affairs.

Board of Trustees

The congregation elects a Board of Trustees who are charged with the management of our affairs.  Board members serve two-year terms, which are staggered to provide for continuity.  The Board is chaired by our President assisted by the Vice President. Other Board positions include our clerk, the Treasurer who keeps our financial records, Our Finance Chair who presides over the the committee that manages our investments and our budget, Our Property Chair, responsible for the team that cares for our building and grounds, and three at-large members who serve as liaisons to our committees and task forces.


Jane Dioguardi


Sandy Duffy
Finance Chair


Paula Snedeker
At Large


Tina Caplan
Vice President


Randy Heath
Property Chair


John Sepples
At Large


Kathy Lindberg


Trish Schneider


Ann Smith
At Large


Board of Trustees 2019-2020

The Board of Trustees is also the policy making body of the church, with oversight responsibility for committees and the overall functioning of the congregation.  Officers and Trustees-at Large serve for two years:

Board of Trustees Blog 

BOT Goals and Objectives