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Faith Formation for Adults

All we do is Faith Development
All We Teach is Unitarian Universalism
The Congregation is the Curriculum 

2021 Spring Schedule

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UU 101: The basics of UU Theology and History

Learn the basics of UU history and theology via an individually paced self-study. The main slide show is used for our new members class, but contains all the basics and is great for a refresher or to fill in gaps in your knowledge. The webpage also includes a playlist of videos that are general introductions to Unitarian Universalism as well as a playlist of videos about more specific aspects of UU history or UU theology. This time together will help us foster an understanding of intersectionality. It will also include a discussion of ways that principles of Unitarian Universalism are a natural fit to support intersectionality as a theory and a lived reality. Part of the time in this session will be spent looking at the ways that each of us has many identities, as a way to ground the experience.
NOTE – Since YOU are the facilitator you set your own pace at your own convenience. IF you would like to discuss things you are learning with Rev. Tony and/or a group of people who are also interested, contact Rev. Tony at revtonyuu@gmail.com.
Click for Membership Class UU 101

  Monday, June 7 2021 

7:45 -8 :45 p.m.

UUCM, 384 Paddock Avenue

Facilitator: Denis Picard

Gong Meditation

Facilitator: Denis Picard

 A Tibetan lama was asked how do you teach a child to meditate? His answer was to ring a bell and wait for the sound to disappear. The gong experience is a sound immersion of emotional crescendos accented by periods of silence, listening for the fade to infinity… Come join us as we journey together into the deep space of your interior. No experience needed, just a set of ears.
Join Dennis in-person on Monday evenings at UUCM, 384 Paddock Avenue

  Wednesday, June 16 2021 

1:30-8 p.m.

UUCM, 384 Paddock Avenue

Facilitator:  Trish Schneider

Knitting Meet-UP Group

Facilitator: Trish Schneider

Knitting Meet-Up, but not just knitting! Bring your own fiber arts project, whether you embroider, crochet, or needle felt, all are welcome to work on their own projects in our shared space. In order to maintain safety and follow social distancing guidelines, group number is limited to 12 people; please register in advance by emailing Trish at trishs1864@gmail.com. All are welcome!

First Fridays of the Month 

10-11:30 p.m.

Zoom Room

Facilitator: Rev. Tony Lorenzen

Soul Circle Small Group Ministry with Rev. Tony

Facilitator: Rev. Tony Lorenzen

Using the Circle of Trust format popularized by Parker Palmer, Rev. Tony facilitates reflection on the month’s spiritual theme. IMPORTANT-each month we reflect on resources that are emailed well ahead of the meeting, so the earlier you let Rev. Tony know you are interested, the more time you have the material.
 Please contact facilitator at least 24 hours ahead of scheduled date and time if you plan to attend. If there is no interest before a scheduled event time, the event will be cancelled.   Click to contact facilitator

Have an idea for a workshop? Let us know what you have in mind.

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