Deep Listening  Resources  

 SOULFUL HOME  – There is no Soulful Home issue for Deep Listening this month. 

Deep Listening Songs on Spotify and Youtube:

    • Spotify playlist for DEEP LISTENING songs:  on SPOTIFY
    • YouTube playlist for music videos of DEEP LISTENING songs: on  YOUTUBE

Deep Listening Film Festival

Watch the Trailers:

Watch the Trailers:



October is the Month of              DEEP LISTENING

Reflect on Deep Listening

  • What if prayer is really about listening until you hear a voice that says “You are beloved”? 
  • Instead of arguing with them, what if next time you asked “Will you tell me your story?  I’d love to know how you came to this point of view.”
  • Who listened to you when you most needed it?  Who first gave you the gift of deep listening?
  • Are you having trouble hearing beyond the voice of your wounds? 

    Deep Listening Quotes

  • “Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you’d have preferred to talk.” – Doug Larson
  • First learn to listen / Not only for enemies around / Corners in hidden places / But for the faint footsteps / Of hope and the whispers of resistance…” -Rev. Sean Parker Denison
  • “Listen with your eyes, as if the story you are hearing is happening right now. Listen without blinking, as if a move might frighten the truth away forever…Your whole life might depend on what you hear.” – Joyce Sutphen


Children’s Deep Listening Bookshelf

Young Children:

  • Listening with My Heart: A story of kindness and self-compassion by Gabi Garcia (grade school)
  • Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns to Listen Hardcover  by Howard Binkow (picture book)

Teens and YA:

Online Resources for Deep Listening