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Songs about Resilience

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Resilience Film Festival

“Precious”, “Roma”, “The Shawshank Redemption”, “The Pursuit of Happyness” – Watch the Trailers:


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Diving Deeper

Resilience Reflection Questions    

Resilience is the capacity to absorb disturbance and maintain function; return to a sense of “normalcy” after trauma; regain shape after being pulled or stretched. Resilience is bouncing back and getting up after being knocked down.  So…

  • How have you been resilient in your life? What did you learn about yourself?
  • Could it be that resilience is asking you to stop wishing things would go back to the way they were? 
  • Is it possible there’s no going forward until you let go of the future you planned?
  • Have you ever made it through hard times by believing what others may call “nonsense”?
  • When do you remember first watching someone in your family  act resiliently?

Resilience to Go

A Staring Meditation

Stare at a single glorious thing each day for at least a week! It can be the same glorious thing or you can seek out a different one each day. It’s the “staring” that is the really important part. Give it your attention long enough to sink in. You will know when you are done; your body will tell you. Just stare until you, like Kingsolver, it teaches you joy once again. And don’t get caught up in what “glorious” means. As Barbara Kingsolver affirms, a geranium is as glorious as the crescent moon. Share what you’ve learned through the spiritual practice of “resilient staring” with a partner, friends, or family member.

More Online Resources for pondering Resilience


Ted Talks and Video



  • How Trauma Lodges in the Body” – On Being Podcast  Powerful new uses of bodywork, yoga and eye movement therapy to strengthen resilience in the face of the overwhelming events… and “everyday suffering” as well.
  • “I, I, I. Him”– Invisibilia Podcast – What do you do when you lose big, and in the process lose yourself? How do you find yourself again? How do you get back?