Message from Rev. Tony – “A Beautiful Moment ”

Dear Beloveds,
Ugliness can all too easily dominate our landscape, from the daily news to our own self-image. Perhaps because of this, I have been especially aware of noticing beauty in recent days as I think about constructing the month’s sermons, worship services, and resources for taking church home with you.

Over the last couple of weeks, I had a few fabulous snapshots of beauty. You know those times when life is beautiful, the world is beautiful, and you just forget about everything else for a few moments and live inside the experience of the activity, the view, the artwork, or the company and your heart revels in “everythingisokness.”

Snapshot – My mom eating Easter dinner on the afternoon of April 17, smiling, laughing and obviously feeling connected, loving the presence of her daughter-in-law and son and their pets. Radiating joy in just being present with us.
Snapshot – Monday morning, April 18, my dog Pancake rolling around in the new grass, a huge dog smile on her face, wondering why her human is sometimes so sad and drab.
Snapshot – Friday morning, April 22, my adult son is playing me his recent rough draft of new songs he’s writing. He sings and plays all the instruments and even writes scores for the entire piece (it looks like an orchestra score for a rock group) and I am so proud of him I can hardly sit still. He’s beautiful and all is good.

Snapshot – Saturday, April 23 at Hollow Park, with every single field full of children playing baseball and softball and soccer. I love baseball and it was like I was as Terrance Mann (James Earl Jones) says in Field in of Dreams “dipped in magic waters,” with memories of my own little league days “so thick I’d have to brush them away from my face. The one constant through all the years has been baseball…This field, this game: it’s a part of (my) past,” reminding me in a world at war and in a pandemic, “of all that once was good and it could be again.” So Beautiful.
Snapshot – Saturday evening April 23, my wife Tuesday singing John Prine’s “Angel from Montgomery” in her best imitation of Bonnie Raitt at the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Coffeehouse, and I am as in love as anyone can be.
Yes, there is much ugliness in the world, but we are also surrounded by beauty. May we notice it more often and may we remember to be its ambassadors.

In Faith,

Rev. Tony