Welcome to UUCM and to Unitarian Universalism! This class page has everything you need to prepare for this class (or take this class online via Zoom).

Read through this slideshow at your own pace. Helpful handouts for some things referenced in the slides are underneath. Just click on them to read and/or download.

Also on this page is a brief reading list as well as a playlist of YouTube videos that give a general introduction to Unitarian Universalism and a playlist of YouTube videos that go a little more in depth into UU History and Theology. You’ll also see a link to 6 Super Sermons of Unitarian Universalism. This takes you to another webpage that has downloads and videos of 3 historically foundational sermons along with video and downloads of 3 contemporary sermons. These 6 taken together give a great snapshot of where we came from and what we’re like now.  Reading these book and watching these video are not required as part of the new member class, but offered as supplemental material to the slide show and the handouts in case you want to learn more or go deeper.  If you do, these are good places to start. 

START HERE: A UU and UU Meriden Primer Self-Study Slides!


Download a local copy of the slide show: click here.


UUCM Bylaws 2019            UUA 7 Principles & 6 Sources                   Guiding Principles for a Free Faith        5 Smooth Stones Summary


6 Super Sermons

We have some videos you might find useful. We’ve made two playlists. The first is a playlist of YouTube videos that provide a general introduction to Unitarian Universalism and underneath that is a playlist of YouTube videos that provide some more detail on Unitarian Universalist history.

A YouTube Playlist of short Intro to UU Videos


A YouTube Playlist of short videos on Unitarian Universalist History and Theology.


There are thousands of books on Unitarian Universalism. Here’s a suggested reading list for those NEW to Unitarian Universalism and for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge and understanding of our tradition. If you’d like to borrow any of these titles, our minister is happy to lend his copy.