Rev. Tony Lorenzen reflects on how paying attention to one thing in life can help us pay attention to other things.

Somehow he works in a trapeze artist and Winnie-the-Pooh.


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Unitarian Universalism is a religious tradition that places more importance on your values than your beliefs, that welcomes you and your questions and affirms your search for truth and meaning.

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Our mission: Practicing Loving Community, Advancing Justice, Nurturing Spiritual Growth is how we seek to live this faith.  Ours is a religion of covenant rather than creed.  


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Our Sunday Worship Services  are held at 10:00 AM  with Religious Education classes for children at the same time.   Refreshments and fellowship follow.  You are welcome as you are.  Please join us.

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A Message from our Minister 

Dear Holy Ones,

One of the first things that most people notice when they take up a meditation practice is how unsettled and uncomfortable it is.  Not only are most people not used to actually “sitting still” without moving, but just about everyone is not used to keeping their mind still – ignoring inner dialog and letting distracting thoughts rise and pass without giving them one’s ongoing attention. Meditation is not about turning your mind off, zoning out, or falling asleep. Rather meditation is about paying attention, focussing on something so attentively that everything else falls away. This focus object may be one’s breath, a mantra (a repeated phrase or word), a chant.  

Initial attempts at this type of focus frequently lead to finding a mind not only not willing to settle down, but intent on disrupting the attempt with unpleasant memories, unwanted emotions, and free floating anxiety.    Most people need to work through this initial, sometimes unpleasant, unease at the beginning of their practice. Sticking with the practice, however, yields an amazing gift – the increased ability to pay attention and to be mindful (and not mindless) not only when we meditate, but also as we go about our daily living.  We will spend this month exploring paying attention. Let us not be distracted from what it might have to teach us.


Rev. Tony

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