SPIRITUAL CHALLENGE for NOV. 2022 – Make a Change

My spiritual challenge to you this month is to make a change in your life. Change is difficult for many people, not because change in itself is problematic, but because of the fear that change will make a difference we don’t want as well as a difference we appreciate. Many people experience anxiety around change because they are afraid they will lose something important due to the change. Because change is complex and difficult, dealing with change gets better with practice.

Make a change in your daily routine, your self-care, your spiritual practice, your waking and sleeping pattern. stop doing something you’ve wanted to quit but haven’t or begin a new endeavor you’ve been putting off. The change might be as simple as changing the route you take on your daily walk or putting that bonsai tree you’ve never been able to maintain in the compost bin. As you get ready to make the change, make a list of pros and cons framed as what you can gain by making this change and what you can lose. Does the fear of loss inhibit your efforts in trying to make a change, even though you may have a lot of positive things to gain? Does fear of losing something cause you to make a different change than you had originally planned? Is the change you made sticking, or would you rather go back to what you used to do? Not all changes need to be permanent. Sometimes we make changes to try things out or prototype a new routine or activity. Whatever your personal outcome, it’s all good. It’s all practice.

As always, I’d love to hear about your experiences with this challenge. Call or text me at 508-344-3668 or send me an email at revtony@pm.me.