Summer Worship at UUMeriden


Worship continues during the summer months at UUMeriden.  Summer service tend to be less
formal and are typically led by members of the congregation and guest speakers.  

 July and August Worship service begin at 10:00 am 

Upcoming Services

July 7th – 10:00 AM  “Independence and Interdependence”

Worship Leaders – Worship Associates Team
Cookouts, parades, and fireworks traditionally mark the annual celebration of the independence of the United States from British colonial rule. Independence, “being free from outside control or authority” is much celebrated in our culture, and as Unitarian Universalists we value our independence and freedom of thought and belief as individuals. Yet in order to function as a society or as a congregation we must recognize our interdependence as well. As independent as we may be, we still need one-another.

July 14th – 10:00 AM  “Becalmed”

Worship Leader – Jeff May
Worship Assistant – Lisa Urso
Changes in our lives often leave us feeling adrift.  Changes can include the loss of a job, the loss of a loved one, a dear friend or family member moving away, or a much loved minister moving on.  It is as if the wind has been taken out of our sails, the waves that moved us onward suddenly stilled.  Where are we going?  How will we get there?  With the departure of Rev. Jan we may feel as if we are in such a place, adrift at sea, waiting for a new wind to give us a sense of momentum and direction. And yet there is much for us to do. Breathing in the salt air and taking stock of our position we can take time to appreciate the beauty of where we are, the possibilities that lay ahead, and prepare for the return of breezes, and perhaps some waves – the hints of which are just over the horizon. 

July 21st – 10:00 AM  “Undressing Emily Dickinson”

Worship Leaders – Steve Volpini, Lisa Urso
Learn secrets about our most famous American woman poet. (Hint: She was not really so buttoned up.) Be present while our Haiku master creates poems in that Japanese style.  Bring your own favorite poems to recite, and sing some recent songs from the American Song Book

July 28th – 10:00 AM  “Being in the Now”

Worship Leader – Lynne Grobsky
How can we bring more peace into our lives? How can we calm the turbulence of our thoughts? Staying in the present moment helps us to let go of the past and reduce anxiety about the future. It helps us have more clarity with decision-making and problem-solving. “The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ, moves on:nor all thy Piety nor Wit shall lure it back to cancel half a Line, nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.” (Omar Kayyam)