Sunday Worship Service

April 7 at 10:30 am 

“Reclaim Your Whole Self


This Sunday, Rev. Dianne Daniels reflects on how to reclaim your complete self and live holistically in world of uncertainty. Wholeness in life includes complete harmony of the mind, body, and spirit. It’s the biggest desire of most human beings, and considers physical, emotional, social, and intellectual completeness. In a world where we primarily talk about what happened yesterday and today with no idea of tomorrow, wholeness demands strategic planning and discipline. Kevin Wyman provides piano accompaniment. In-Person and online.




Covid-19 Policy

The congregation shared ideas about what our current Covid policy should be at this time. In view of the input received, we are adjusting our requirements and adding a new feature. Note that any policy statement is subject to change as the pandemic situation changes. For now, masks are recommended but not mandatory. We ask people to remember we are entering Flu season so that is another issue to keep in mind. Please be careful and refrain from attending church if you are ill with a communicable disease, or think you might be. You are welcome to attend via Zoom in those situations.
New Feature: We will also start a sticker system for our name badges with red, yellow and green stickers. On Sunday, please put a colored sticker on your name badge to indicate your comfort level. We will use these to guide our interactions and respect each others’ boundaries.

🔴 Red means six feet apart and no physical contact

🟡 Yellow is “elbows only,” for people still being cautious, avoiding close contact, but not necessarily needing to be six feet apart.

🟢 Green welcomes high fives and handshakes and maybe hugs with permission.

You will be able to get your sticker, and figure out name tag needs, in our entry area. Please take note of what is on everyone’s badges and respect people’s wishes. If you have any questions or comments contact Rev. Tony and the Board of Trustees via email:


Worship Services

All Sunday services in Sept thru June  will start at 10:30 AM. We are located at 328 Paddock Ave. Most Sundays,  worship will  be offered via Zoom aka “Hybrid.”


Coffee Hour

 Coffee Hour will take place directly after Worship Service.

April’s Worship Theme: Independence

10:30 am

“Engaging in Compassionate Conversations

Continuing on the theme of civil discourse, we will explore and learn ways we as individuals can engage more fully  in conversation with our neighbors and loved ones, regardless of political leanings, with openness and compassion.  Peg Kirkpatrick is the Worship Associate.  

April 21 st
10:30 am

“Declarations of Interdependence”

Rev. Tony Lorenzen reflects on the history of various “Declarations of Interdependence” over the last 100 years that focus on human rights and the environment..

April 28th
10:30 am

“The Web of Life”

Join us as we explore a fundamental truth of our existence: interdependence. We are not isolated beings, but rather strands woven into the rich tapestry of life. From the tiniest insect to the vast expanse of the cosmos, all things are interconnected