November’s Worship Theme: Attention

November 3rd – 10:30 AM  “Using the 7 Principles to pay better attention”

Worship Leader – Barbara Kline
Worship Associate – Lynne Grobsky

After a month focusing on the theme of Belonging, let us pay attention to what our ancestors went through and look ahead to what we will leave our descendants. Let us pay attention to how we are connected and how we can use the democratic process to ensure all people are treated with dignity and respect..

November 10th – 10:30 AM  “Prepare for Oryoki”

Worship Leader – Rev. Tony Lorenzen
Worship Associate- Lynne Grobsky

Tony Lorenzen reflects on what eating a mindful meal can teach us about paying attention to what we do.

November 17th – 11:15 AM  at Muttatucu Unitarian Universalist Sociecty “Selective Attention”

Worship Leader – Rev. Tony Lorenzen

 Rev. Tony reflects on how we miss things right in front of our eyes, even when we are trying to pay attention. We will share cornbread and cider communion and mark the Transgender Day of Remembrance.

November 24th – 10:30 AM  “Who Needs Our Attention”

Worship Leader – Social Justice Council
Worship Associate- Jonh Sepples

This Sunday marks the beginning of our annual Guest at Your Table campaign to support the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. Please join us to hear stories of women leaders from UUSC partner organizations who are paying attention to and taking action on human rights challenges. We also invite you to take home a “guest” for your holiday table.