All we do is Faith Development

All We Teach is Unitarian Universalism

The Congregation is the Curriculum

We believe learning and spiritual growth are a lifelong process. The Adult Lifespan Faith Development Program at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Meriden seeks to help  us understand our own spiritual and religious journey, deepen our understanding of Unitarian Universalism, develop our own individual spirituality and related spiritual practices, and teach leadership, organizing, and other life skills.  We expect each member and staff person to engage actively in their ongoing spiritual growth.


Upcoming Classes, Discussions, and Workshops


Let’s Talk about Money: How our attitudes about money form, change, and play out in our lives.

Sunday, March 28, 2021 at 4-5 p.m.
Facilitator: Rev. Tony Lorenzen,
Zoom info:

How we feel about money depends on many factors, but a major one is how we grew up and what that taught us and how we’ve reacted to it through out lives. Also, Capitalism, Contract Culture, and Consumer Culture takes a serious toll on all of us and we can think our self-worth=our net worth. Poverty is a socio-political construct. No one is paid what we are “worth.” Come share with others. The goal is to get more comfortable talking about money so that it is less about shame, guilt, and self-worth. IMPORTANT: This is NOT a “pledge drive” event nor is it a “stewardship” event. Just and open and honest facilitated discussion.  NO registration required

Getting to Purple: How to Talk to People across the political divide

Wednesday, March 31, 2021 at 7-8 p.m.
Facilitator: Rev. Tony Lorenzen,
Zoom info:

Using resources from Essential Partners, Rev. Tony leads some exercises that help us practice offering a dissenting opinion in a conversation, asking questions as a strategy to find common ground, and intervening in a heated argument. Registration required. Please contact Rev. Tony Lorenzen ( at least 24 hours beforehand if you plan to attend

The UU Who is a …….. Buddhist

Sunday, April 4, 2021 at 4-5 pm
Facilitator: Rev. Tony Lorenzen,
Zoom info:

Using short quotes and readings from Unitarian Universalists who identify as UU Buddhists, Rev. Tony reflects briefly on the basics of Buddhism and then leads a discussion about Buddhism, Buddhist practice, and why this appeals to many Unitarian Universalists and how some UU Buddhists experience their UU-Buddhism. First in an ongoing series of conversations looking at the various spiritualities found in our faith such as Humanist, Buddhist, Christian, Pagan, Jewish, etc.”
NOTE – Please contact facilitator at least 24 hours ahead of scheduled date and time if you plan to attend. If there is no interest before a scheduled event time, the event will be cancelled.

Minister Book Club

Read with Rev. Tony . . .   April 21 at noon   Read novels with spiritual and religious themes and discuss with Rev. Tony. The group meets 3rd Wednesdays at NOON on Zoom during Lunch with the Minister, so bring your lunch and log on. The range of novels spans a wide spiritual and religious spectrum and includes a variety of fiction genres such as science fiction, memoir, fantasy, historical fiction, travelogue, and literary novel.

April 21 – The Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk (Pagan)
May 19 – American Gods by Neil Gaiman (Multi-Pantheon Fantasy)
NOTE – No need to contact the facilitator, just read and come to lunch. Lunch will happen regardless, if people read the books, so much the better!
The Bible for Liberals, Skeptics, and Non-Believers –
New Testament/Hebrew Scriptures

Wednesday,  April 21, 2021 at 7-8 pm
Facilitator: Rev. Tony Lorenzen,
Zoom info:

Learn the basics of the literary-historical-critical approach to the Bible. We will take close looks at the Genesis creation story and narratives, Exodus and Law Codes of the Torah, Psalms, Prophets, and short stories such as Esther and Ruth. Before the class, please visit this The Bible for Religious Liberals and review the first FOUR slideshows so we can dive right in to the material. Registration required: Please contact Rev. Tony Lorenzen ( at least 24 hours beforehand if you plan to attend.

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Soul Circles are a small group ministry that meets on Zoom.  Each group will meet twice a month (moving to once a month as time goes on or when the corona virus crisis has passed). The meetings will consist of 8-12 people gathering on Zoom for a  time of reflection and sharing. The sessions are times to support each other and listen to each other and thereby deepen relationships and trust with each other. Each gathering will include a chalice lighting, a time to check in and share joys and concerns, a time for reflecting on questions and resources related to our monthly theme, closing words, and extinguishing the chalice.  The reflection material will come from Soul Matters and be available at the beginning of each month on our website and be emailed directly to participants.  Zoom meeting room information will be given to you upon registration.

If you need a Zoom tutorial, contact Rev. Tony.

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