Soul Circles are a small group ministry that meets on Zoom.  Each group will meet twice a month (moving to once a month as time goes on or when the corona virus crisis has passed). The meetings will consist of 8-12 people gathering on Zoom for a  time of reflection and sharing. The sessions are times to support each other and listen to each other and thereby deepen relationships and trust with each other. Each gathering will include a chalice lighting, a time to check in and share joys and concerns, a time for reflecting on questions and resources related to our monthly theme, closing words, and extinguishing the chalice.  The reflection material will come from Soul Matters and be available at the beginning of each month on our website and be emailed directly to participants.  Zoom meeting room information will be given to you upon registration.

If you need a Zoom tutorial, contact Rev. Tony.

Soul Circles Reflection Materials for the month and by theme (click to view/print/download PDF):

May 2020 THRESHOLDS     June 2020 PLAY             July 2020 HOPE            Aug. 2020 EMERGENCE         Sept. 2020 RENEWAL

        OCT. 2020 DEEP LISTENING


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