We are exploring a name change for the congregation.

We’re doing this because it’s difficult to market and advertise Unitarian Universalism. Very few people outside our Unitarian Universalist world and congregations know what Unitarian Universalism is or even THAT it is!

Therefor the congregational names and accompanying logos will NOT have the words Unitarian Universalism in them. 

For the last month, a dedicated team has been meeting with Rev. Tony, discussing possible names, exploring logo possibilities and “tag lines” – slogans and modifiers we can include in marketing to communicate that we are Unitarian Universalist and/or our congregation’s particular mission to Practice Loving Community, Justice, and Spiritual Growth.

We are presenting three possible names for the congregation along with one or more logo examples for each.  Over the next few weeks, we ask you to look at them, think about them and then get back to us with your thoughts and feelings. We want to know:

  1. If any or all of the names and logos resonate with you
  2. Do you think any or all of these possibilities will resonate with the general public that is liberal in worldview, shares our values, is spiritual, looking for community, and ready for a “different kind of church.”
  3. If you have any ideas for a congregational name and/or for a logo.

Here are the ways to give us your feedback:

  • Send an email to Rev. Tony at revtony@pm.me or leave written feedback for him by putting it in his mail slot in the little copy room across the hall from the sanctuary.
  • Leave a comment on the posting about this on our Facebook page.
  • Click HERE to Leave us your thoughts.

Our goal is to collect feedback and then decide on a course of action.

  • If the feedback is generally positive, we will be able to fine tune some of the options and present things to the congregation for a either a straw poll to choose see what has the most support and/or to a formal vote to adopt a new name.
  • If the feedback is resoundingly negative, we will go back to the drawing board and come up with some new ideas.


Here are the ideas we are currently considering. We are considering 3 different names and each name is presented with four different logo options. What do you think?