Our Building


Fellowship Hall (Main Floor)

An elegant space for parties, ceremonies, concerts or weddings, the Hall at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Meriden offers a beautiful indoor setting for your next event.  Can accommodate gatherings as large as 105 people (without tables) but also feels right with a smaller group.  One-time or on-going rentals available.  The room is 1,089 sq. ft (33 ft 10 in. X 33 ft 4 in.) and provides great space for weddings, concerts, family gatherings, music, yoga, or dance.  The building is fully handicap accessible with kitchen, bathrooms and a coat room on the main floor. 

Main  Floor


The kitchen is located next to the Hall.  The kitchen is equipped with a sink, range, microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator.

Beatrix Potter/Nursery 

The Beatrix Potter Room is usually used for small children and infants but is also great for a small group of people.  The room can accommodate 1o people (circle set-up). The room is 154 sq. ft. (11 ft.10 in. X 14 ft.0 in.)


The building is WiFi equipped and Sanctuary have a flat screen television available.


There are two non-gender specific bathrooms that meet handicap guidelines on the Main floor.

RE Floor

Louisa May Alcott /Lemon Room (Lower Level)

The Louisa May Alcott Room is great for a small group.  The room can accommodate 15 people (circle) without a table and 10 people with 2 tables. The room is 192.5 sq. ft. (17 ft. 6 in. X 13 ft. 4 in.)

Florence Nightingale /Lime Room (Lower Level)

The Florence Nightingale Room is great for a small group.  The room can accommodate 15 people (circle set-up) without a table and 10 people with a table. The room is 40.5 sq. ft. (13 ft. 9 in. X 13 ft.)

Pete Seeger/ Lavender Room (Preparatory – Lower Level)

The Pete Seeger Room is great for a medium size group of people.  The room can accommodate 23-35 people (classroom set-up) without a table and 20 people with several tables.  The room is 471.25 sq. ft. (32 ft. 9 in. X 14 ft. 9 in.)

Bathrooms ( Lower Level)

There is one non-gender specific bathroom on both the  RE Floor

Spiral Garden and Lawn

The spiral garden is a very special place of beauty and a setting for spiritual renewal.  The garden is based on a garden created by a special environmentalist, Eleanore Milardo originally located in Middletown, Connecticut.  After her death, the garden was recreated behind the meetinghouse.  This special garden is in the shape of a spiral telling the story of the Universe and our connectedness to all life.  Inhabited by mostly native plants, this outdoor space is a place where one can walk the spiral as well as sit and find peace and quiet in nature.

The spiral garden and large lawn are a perfect place for weddings, outdoor picnics, parties and lawn games


The Church parking lot has a total of 47 spaces including three (3) designated handicapped spaces.  Entrance to the building is handicapped accessible.