April’s Worship Theme: Liberation

NOTE:  Effective March 15, 2020 we are suspending all public gatherings including our Sunday Worship services until there is more certainty around the public health situation.  During this time we will stream our services online at 10:30 AM.  Check here and on our Facebook page for details.

April 5 – 10:30 AM  “Not Going Back to Pharoah”

Worship Leader – Rev. Tony Lorenzen Liz Hall

Rev. Tony reflects on the Passover and the Exodus from Egypt as an example of how it’s human nature to go back to the safety of the unhealthy things that keep us in bondage rather than risk the new life that comes from liberation.

April 12 – 10:30 AM 
“Get Up, Stand Up, Stand for Your Faith”

Worship Leader – Rev. Tony Lorenzen

Rev. Tony reflects on the meaning of resurrection as standing up to represent your faith and values, even in the face of oppression and death.