Our services are held every Sunday Morning at 328 Paddock Avenue in Meriden (Directions)

You are welcome

We welcome you BECAUSE of who you are.  No matter your background, religious identity, gender identity or expression you are welcome to be fully included!

what we Believe

We believe that revelation is not sealed.  There is always more to learn.  We believe all relationships should be based on mutuality and trust.  We believe we are all called to make a difference in the world and that we have the power to make good things happen.

frequently asked questions

If you are not familiar with our congregation or Unitarian Universalism, you probably have questions.  Some of the more common questions are addressed


Upcoming Services

March Worship Theme:  Wisdom

We believe —   

      • That many streams join to make a river,
      • That the way to wisdom lies in an open ear and heart,
      • That goodness may be pursued for the sake of goodness
      • And not from fear of punishment,
      • That knowing and not knowing are part of the same,
      • And ambiguity is permissible.


To Know Thyself

Worship Leader:  Liz Hall

We all have patterns in the way we go about living our lives. Many of these patterns were set long ago when we were quite small and we are not even aware of them. They affect how we think and feel about religion, politics, reading, food, fun . . . and money. 


Emergent Church in the Inventive Age

Worship Leader:  Rev. Tony Lorenzen

Rev. Tony Lorenzen reflects on the changing landscape of religious communities in the 21st century and how to fail forward into the future”


Something to Share

Worship Leader:  Jeff May

Wisdom comes in many forms – and we all have learned things that others can use. What are your gifts of wisdom we can all benefit from?   What wisdom do we as a congregation have to share with the wider community?  What do we have to share that the wider community really wants and needs?


Homespun Wisdom

Worship Leader:  Rev. Tony Lorenzen

Rev. Tony reflects on home as the primary sanctuary caregivers as the primary religious educators, and our families as our home congregation.


To Know Thyself . . . Continued

Worship Leader:  Liz Hall

This service is a continuation of the March 1st service on our theme – Wisdom. We’ll be digging a bit deeper by striving to find your hidden beliefs that are so close to you it is like a fish not knowing they’re in water.