What is the Pledge Drive?

The annual Pledge Drive is when UU Meriden members and friends come together to support our mission with pledges of financial support for the coming church year. A pledge is a promise to contribute a specified amount of money during the year. It is not a binding contract; we understand that people’s situations can change unexpectedly, and we will work with you.


What’s in it for UU Meriden and for me?

Author and poet Maya Angelou said “I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.” The Pledge Drive can provide you with a way to live out your values, express your commitment to UU Meriden and Unitarian Universalism, and experience the flow of positive energy and joy that comes from personal generosity. Because of you, UU Meriden is able to extend your spiritual values in the world and change lives. Take a look at Your Money Into Ministry for more information on this. 


I put money in the collection plate every Sunday. Why is it important for me to make a pledge?

Pledging allows us to project revenue for the coming fiscal year. Our budget is directly related to the amount of money we think we’ll have available. While we appreciate every gift that is given in love, our budget must be based on only those gifts that have been promised.


What happens to the money in the collection plate on Sundays?

After the offertory, the Collector is responsible for counting and securing the money and preparing it for deposit.  Twenty five percent of all undesignated cash offerings collected during our Sunday Services are shared with our Social Justice Council.  Social Justice Council distribute these monies to community service providers, such as, local Land Trusts, Immigration Bail Fund, Moral Monday CT, LGBT Pride Events, Martin Luther King Scholarships, etc. All cash and checks will be considered available to share unless specifically noted as a Pledge payment in the memo line.


How Do I Pledge? 

Anyway that works for you. You may drop a check in the collection plate if it is clearly designated as a pledge payment. Payments may be made by check monthly, quarterly, or annually as best fits your family’s needs. You may set up automatic payment through your online banking system. We can accept credit cards and debit card via our PayPal button on pledging page. We do not recommend that you pay your pledge with cash, although if you do, please enclose the cash in an envelope marked with your name and the word “Pledge 2023-24.””


I lost my job and won’t have any income for the foreseeable future, so I won’t be able to make a pledge.

There is an Arab proverb that says “If you have much, give of your wealth; If you have little, give of your heart.” UU Meriden believes in supporting all people, especially in times of need.  If you are unable to make a monetary pledge at this time, let one of the minister know.


What if I’m not ready to make a pledge?

Receiving pledges in a timely manner gives the Board adequate time for its financial planning for next year, and reduces the number of follow-up e-mails and phone calls the Stewardship Team has to make. We’d like you to turn in a pledge with your best estimate — if you need to revise your pledge later, you may do so. If you are totally undecided, please turn in a pledge form with the amount left blank, and indicate a date when we should contact you for a follow-up. If you are unable to make a pledge due to job loss or other financial hardship, please turn in a pledge form with a zero pledge amount.

Thank you for supporting  UU Meriden!