Rev. Tony will be on vacation July 20-Aug. 18.  During this time if you have a question for him or something that would normally need his attention or a pastoral emergency, please contact your congregation’s president:

Denise Pedane at MUUS (203-267-7123,
Jane Dioguardi at UUCM (203-238-0502,

They will assist you as best as they are able until he returns. If you have a pastoral emergency and need to speak to a minister, they will connect you to the minister who is covering for Rev. Tony while he is away.  Rev. Tony will not be attending any board or committee meetings during his vacation time. Rev. Tony will not be helping with worship services during his vacation time. Rev. Tony is sending thematic resources for August on “Emergence” to the members of Soul Circles and small group leaders this week.  Rev. Tony has prepared the general thematic resources for August on the theme of Emergence so they may be posted at the first of the month.  Important NOTE: any emails sent to Rev. Tony or phone messages sent to Rev. Tony will not be answered.

Vespers will CONTINUE to MEET on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. in the UUCM Zoom room as usual.  Volunteers are signing up to lead and facilitate. If YOU would like to help out by facilitating on some Tuesday evening, you can learn about what is required and also sign up on the spreadsheet found at this link:

Soul Circles will CONTINUE to MEET. The 2nd and 4th Wednesday group will meet on July 22 and Aug. 12 with Marta Maresco hosting the Zoom call and facilitating. Participants will receive an invitation to those meetings from Marta.  The Wednesday night group will resume  meeting with Rev. Tony in his Zoom room on Wed. Aug. 26. The 1st and 3rd Friday group will continue to meet on Aug, 7. Zoom information for that meeting will be sent to that group.  The group will resume meeting with Rev. Tony in his Zoom room on Friday, Aug. 21.

Zoom Lunch with the minister is cancelled for July 22, 29 and Aug. 5 and 12. Lunch with the minister will resume at noon on Wed. Aug. 19.

Rev. Tony’s Mobile Minister home visits are suspended until the week of Aug. 24.  Rev. Tony will not schedule visits during his vacation time and it will be a week after he returns until visits resume. Volunteers have offered to make social distance home visits as well.  If MUUS members would like a visit, contact Margrit Morley at or (860) 307-4926. If UUCM members would like a visit, contact Nancy Burton at or 203-671-4482.